Our History
We are based in Montreal, Canada. We basically work with businesses, brands and entrepreneurs already established and making at least 6 figure per year ($100,000+ in revenue). We work on everything marketing from A to Z.

We do consulting about your offer/message/price/etc...then we build a highly converting landing page and sales funnel to get your business the desire income (leads, online sales, application, etc...) and we can help you with all your advertising and online marketing campaign and even run them for you. 

We are a R.O.I. driven consulting firm/agency. This mean we do not care about vanity metric such as likes, impressions, click-through rate and the new shiny object. Our only goal is to make your marketing/adverting R.O.I. positive, not just for our service but in your business in general. 

We breakdown and crunch all the numbers until we come up with a proven & tested machine that generate leads and sales on auto-pilot so you can have an evergreen system ready to be scale up at any moment with just a push of a button!

Is it okay if we over-deliver !? Because when you work work we offer an R.O.I. GUARANTEE! Or else we work for FREE! 

What's the catch !?

The "catch"
is that the owner Joe Dufresne (see his bio at the botton of the page) run another successful business and personal brand so he is not planning on "scaling" this agency at the moment. We are currently working with just a few clients and we don't plan on having more than 8 clients.

Because of this reason and the high-level of service that we provide for our clients with a level of expertise not match in the online marketing space we charge a high-end price.

Working with us
starts at $3,000/month with revenue share or $5,000/month without revenue share. Yes our price is not for beginners or business that are scared of money.

If you are able to invest a minimum of $3,000 for our service + $2,000
for advertising minimum per month that we encourage you to book a FREE Strategy Call with us and see if it's a good fit! No matter if it is or not you will come off this call with a strategy plan for your business to scale it in the next 12 months even in a recession or pandemic environment.  

Why work with us/trust us !?
the owner (Joe Dufresne) had made over $1.1 Million online and scaled 2 successful businesses to $50,000+/month and $12,000+/month in the last 3 years BEFORE starting this agency!

We don't believe in "Fake agency, coaches or consultant" or selling dream and potions. We only work with businesses that we are sure we can help and bring a positive return on investment!
About YE Social Media Agency
In nerdy words we are a full funnel growth engineering firm. We are focus on the entire funnel acquisition/conversions/retention across online and offline, helping brand basically navigate through that path and find sustainable growth across that. Whether it is with creative, social media marketing, paid ads, data/analytics, funnel building, etc...

We are skilled in using landing pages/ funnel builder, email automation software and social media advertising platforms (especially FB ads) to set up the technical side of a successful online campaign.

If you are a digital or physical product/service owner, looking for a direct response marketer, who understands the psychological trigger behind a successful campaign and is able to maximize your ROI using customized and high efficient Facebook scaling strategies, then we would be very glad to work with you.

We love analyzing ads and delivering value, this is why we will offer you a one-hour consultation for FREE, in which you will get actionable steps to optimize your ads, even before we will start to work together .

After the consultation call, we will decide together, if it’s a good fit. If it is, then it will surely be a game changer for your business.
About Joe Dufresne (Founder)
Joe Dufresne is an entrepreneur from Montreal, Canada who dropped out of college and started two successful companies by the age of 26 working out of his parents basement.

Joe is a digital marketing consultant who helps companies profit wildly through digital marketing. He has personally managed a large digital ad spend on behalf of clients and been able to consistently prove ROI. 

Joe's clients are some of the fastest growing companies in their industry and he has helped them gain choke holds in their respective markets online.

What Others Are Saying...

Nicolas Filiatrault

"Joe is my secret weapon! And he helped grow my business to $50,000+ per month. He is a Facebook ads Ninja & a Sales Funnel Genius" 

Kevin Santiago

"Joe is the real DEAL and we closed hundreds of thousands dollars of deal together!"

Samuel Langevin

"I made $80,000+ in real estate commission in the past 4 months with the what I learned and apply working with and his program"

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